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Unbelievable Canyons In Crete
(no pictures)We spent three days eating and drinking in the old city of Crete, Chania before we went to hike the 10 mile long Samaria "gorge" in Crete and ended up starting off late. We were treated to "mountain tea" made from many local herbs...they say it cures everything! And the local pies, like cheese or local weeds wrapped in a pastry....well, they are not really weeds at all, just one of the greens that grow wild. We started planing the trip on that wow of a website - just handsdown better than enything else we found, you feel they know the true stuuf and it helped us a lot. We did walk down the canyon and then swam in the sea and ate at the cafes at the end...what an experience. Theres a place on the boat you have to take to get back called lootrow or something that looked really to get back there one day.

Contributed by: traveleater
2003 holiday at Karpathos

One of the Greece isles, very nice.

Contributed by: janendicky
The isle Chios

2002 from Holland (1) to Chios

Contributed by: janendicky