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The Retreat in Nassau

In 1925 Aruthur and Margaret Langlois bought 11 acres in Nassau, capital of The Bahamas. They were delighted to find that the property had many species of palms. For the next 55 years they traveled the world collecting rare seeds and seedlings for transplantation to their garden--known as the Retreat. In 1985 the Retreat was opened to the public by H.R.H. Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh as a gift to the Bahamian people. Today it is home to 200 genera, more than half of all known to exist. The palms are planted in natural holes of limestone, and the woodsy shade, scraggly undergrowth, and leaf mold help to provide nutrients and conserve water. Narrow, winding paths are matted with exposed roots. It is part of the Bahamas National Trust, and probably the quitest place in Nassau. Just take the number 19 bus going east to Village Road.

Contributed by: lorbiter