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Get Styled at Melbourne
(no pictures)If planning to get an Australian Visa for a travel and leisure trip, one place not to be overlooked should be Melbourne. Getting a travel visa for a visit would be less meaningful without visiting the shopping capital. Whether you are heading to the nearest embassy for an Immigration visa or an Australian Visitor Visa, better check out what Melbourne has. From haute couture or vintage clothing, Melbourne offers the best shopping and night life in Australia claiming the prestige of a style-setter. It has an inborn beauty with a combination of spectacular combination of the new and old architecture, it is hardly not surprising that it gets a share of the most visited sites in Australia. The elegant landscapes, ethnic communities harmoniously living and lavish park and gardens, the city has a bounty of enlightenment as a most livable city in the world. Known to be the second largest city in Australia, it is located on a coastal plain at the top of the famous giant horse shoe shaped Port Philip bay. With its site in the southern coast of Australia, it is the country's most cultures and politically conservative city. The capital state of Victoria has a pride heritage of Victorian -era architecture. The line of museums, theaters and art galleries evidences the preserved heritage. The blending of cultures results to the multicultural 3.5 million population. Visiting Melbourne attaches with it the identity of a stylish and shopping capital from the rest of Australian cities. It has been famously know for decades. Whatever a visitor wants, Melbourne has it all. From the large department stores to shopping centers, each corner reveals a shopping space for a shopping spree. The fashion taste is flexible. It caters all taste whether on a tight budget or down to the trendy designer chic outfits. An ABC to Z of fashion names are all there. The shopping stalls open mostly at seven days and closes late at 9pm on Fridays. Shopping hours from Mondays to Thursdays run from 10am to 5pm. One of the most famous shopping center is Sundays Market at the Arts Center. It is not an ordinary market as one thinks, it is more of it. It showcases over 150 stalls of Victoria's finest artisans' work. Each stallholders are selected after passing strident examination for the quality and diversity of their work. Going around the market, one could see leather wear of distinctions taken from kangaroo, crocodile and sea snakes. At work can be found everywhere, whether in canvas, metals or textile. The Queen Victoria prides also with its 1,000 stalls that sells almost everything. It is named as Melbourne shopping mecca. From meat to shoes to pets and travel goods, name it.. it has everything. The Royal Arcade should not be overlooked. Built in 1869, it is the city's oldest shopping center, maintaining it airy and graceful ambiance despite many alterations. The grandest shopping arcade built in 1891 is the Block Arcade. It features high ceiling murals and mosaic floors. The arcade is patterned to those of Paris and London or even Milan, France. It is undeniable that visitors visit and revisit the place, getting Australian Electronic Visas or merely Australian Travel Visa just to see the place. With more of Melbourne's shopping and stylish centers, it claims to be fashion city. Blended with the natural sceneries and stylish comforts, one could not deny how breath taking Melbourne is.... it is naturally borne to be beautiful. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Why Live and Work in Australia
(no pictures)Australian migration is a wonderful opportunity to every people who want to start a new career and for those people who search for a great opportunities to have a brighter future. Australia has an open and competitive economy, it welcomes and employ overseas skilled/professional workers. Skilled workers from other countries should have a complete working papers to legally work in Australia. Because of the offers of the Government of Australia into people all around the world that want to engage their selves in skilled jobs and professional jobs in Australia, Australian migration are open to all people in different countries as long as they are qualify. They do need to have their working visas. You should be not wasting anymore time. If you migrate in Australia, there are lot of jobs and opportunities that awaits you. Why live and work in Australia? Australia has been the top destination countries. It has a stunning and incredible sceneries. It will be a great decision to live and work in Australia. It has good economy, your children can have good education, good health systems and good environment that is obviously good for families. You can just easily start a career here for there are numerous jobs awaiting. Australia now has a treasurer that is setting our country up for the future. There are numerous reasons why Australia is the top destination nowadays. Excellent Quality of Life: Australia has an aggressive migration program because of the minimal population of the country. The country wanted to express a stronger nation by means of offering an aggressive migration of foreign individuals for the contribution of those people in the process of producing great economy. Australia offers a high standard of living into those people who migrate there. In this point of view, the excellent quality of life will obtain in living in Australia. Low cost of living: the idea of living in Australia is so right because of the low cost of living especially if you have a child who will study in the most reputable Educational Institutions there. Great Cuisine: a safe lifestyle in living in Australia. A healthy nutritional delicacies are serve on the great cuisines. Shortage of Skilled workers: if you really seek for a wide opportunities of workplace, Australia is suit for that because of the shortage of skilled workers. You can choose and engage into multiple jobs there as long as you can. Friendly Australian People: you don't have to worry in adopting yourself in the culture of Australia. Australia is an English Speaking country which have an adorable and friendly people that will guide you during your fresh period there. Excellent Career Opportunities: unlike in some countries that the demand for workplace is short. Australia has a wide range of workplace which is sounds more job opportunities. Great weather: great weather can varies in all regions of Australia. There are different climates in every regions of Australia which you can choose what region you want to live in order to cope up with the desired climate. High Pay Rates: in all reasons or feature of one country, this is the most awaited feature whom a worker really love. The sound of the rhythm “High Pay”. Yes, Australia offers a high pay rate to every worker. So it's a great win-win situation for all people who want to migrate in Australia and work. Plan now, then secure your Australian Visas for a brighter tomorrow that awaits you in Land Down Under. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Top Tourist Destinations in South Australia
(no pictures)In every side (regions, places, cities) in Australia are gifted with lot of beautiful sceneries in which a tourist can impress and love it. South Australia is one of the top destinations if you bound in Australia. South Australia is a state of Australia in the southern central part of the country. It covers some of the most arid parts of the continent. It has a total land area of 983,482 sq. km.. South Australia is the fourth largest of Australia's six states. It is bordered to the west by Western Australia, to the north by the Northern Territory and Queensland, to the east by Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and along the south by the Great Australian Bight and the Southern Ocean. The population in South Australia was nearly 1.6 million people which rank fifth in population among the states and territories. South Australia is one the top tourist destinations all over Australia. Because of the beautiful spots there and some cultured activities which a traveler or tourist can really enjoy. In every places of the South Australia arise the top destinations which dwell on the beauty of the nature and culture concept of Australian people. Here are the top tourist destinations in South Australia: The Flinders ranges from the reliable rainfall district of Clare which you can see also the Wirrabara forest mounted in the ranges, The famous Barossa Valley which known as best wine region, The Coonawarra region who produces also best wine, The Blue Lake from the crater of the extinct volcano Mount Gambier, The Great Australian Bright which you can view whales at the southern ocean, Lake Eyre that known as the Australia's biggest lake, The Murray that known as Australia's greatest river, Naracoorte Caves which you can see the different and unique things inside, The west coast of Eyre peninsula which you can see many remote beaches and small fishing ports, The York peninsula highlights the safe beaches, Port Augusta known as the South Australian crossroad, Fleurieu Peninsula which is known for its wine, beaches and fishing, Heysen Trail a well-known walking trail, Cooper Pedy highlights its colorful opals, Kangaroo island which you can see lot of kangaroos in the island and see other flora and fauna, Innes National Park known as the great camping ground, Grawler ranges highlights the wilderness which you can see wild flowers and salt lakes, and Adelaide hills is the artists retreat which you can find a peaceful environment there that suits for relaxation while having fun. These top tourist destinations in South Australia are totally magnificent in nature. If you want to go there, plan it right now. Apply for your Australian tourist Visa now in order to travel it immediately in the famous places in South Australia. You can apply also online for your Australian ETA Visa for fast processing withing 24 hours. Get a Travel Visa to Australia now. Imagine, you can visit the wonders of South Australia. A most excitement tour for your life. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Australia Welcomes Postgraduate Students With Visa Sub Class 574
(no pictures)(Hawthorn, Victoria) Visa Sub Class 574, a student visa for post graduates students entitles them to study in Australia. The visa is designed for international students who want to study a Masters degree by research or a Doctoral degree in Australia. The granting of the visa depends if the applicant falls in the three brackets. The qualification brackets are: if the applicant is applying for the first student visa; if the student renews the student visa; and if the applicant applies to join a family member who is in Australia on a student visa. The applicant has to pay a non-refundable visa application charge when he lodges visa application. The visa provides the applicant certain benefits. The chance to study in Australia is the primary benefit. With the visa, the applicant can pursue his research in his post graduate studies. The applicant is also eligible to have his dependent family accompany him in his stay. While studying in Australia, the applicant can work up to 20 hours per week while the course is in session. An unlimited hours during scheduled course break can be used in working. The family members of the applicant can work up to 20 hours a week with the condition that the applicant has already start studying. In addition, the spouse can also study in Australia up to three months. The assessment level is determined by the nationality of the applicant and the course of the study. For applicants intending to pursue the application can have a free online assessment before commencing to the assessment level test conducted by the Australian government. National Visas gives free assessment for applicants. National Visas assist in the application process of any applicant for Australian Visa. They give free assessment test to help determine which sub class will the applicant be qualified in his application. They also employ registered immigration agents in assisting aplicants. For more information regarding Masters and Doctoral Visa or Visa Sub Class 574, contact, National Visas, Suite 3, 118 Church St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia or visit, About National Visas: National Visas is committed to deliver high quality service in the immigration industry. The company leads in the world online immigration services. It helps applicants with concerns in visa processing and delivers a fast, expert and amiable immigration advice. National Visas is a private independent company and not part of the Australian Department of immigration. They are not given authority to grant a visa but assist and advice people who want to travel and migrate in Australia. It is a registered provider of immigration advice as required by Australian law. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Study In Australia Visa Programs
(no pictures)A vision to fulfill our life with knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. Study in a high level of quality into reputable educational institution is one of our dream. A dream that we admit on study abroad programs is a total journey for better enhancement of our goal in life. In order to fulfill those vision, universities in Australia provides you a complete educational program and courses with highly innovative educational methods and instruction which recognized internationally. Some of Universities here in Australia, have their different reputations that provide a broad range of courses that are up-to-date or relevant to the modern employment in the country and through out the world. As they invest, it is one way to empower the country by means of important breakthroughs in modern technology and gaining high standard of quality education whom they made the whole world proud of them. Australia reach now the honor of center for quality education as they prove that large number of international students was decided to choose Australia as their destination in pursuing their study. We search and explore everything in order to uplift our life in best lifestyle that we pursue to achieve. That's why study in Australia is the best destination for us to start-up our career and enhance knowledge and talents. Australia is a safe and friendly country. It was sophisticated and harmonious society in which the students can learn, travel and work. In that matter, Australia has a different Visa programs which intends to every purpose of a person who want s to visit, migrate, travel, work, and study in the amazing country of Australia. For those who want to study in Australia, there are specific Visa programs for you to secure. That is Australian student Visa Program. In securing your student Visa, make sure that you meet the respective qualification and requirements. Student Visa are categorized into five programs. These are English language course Visa, School sector Visa, Vocational education or Training sector Visa, Higher education sector Visa, and Masters and Doctorate sector Visa. These 5 programs are intends for every sector of respective educational program in Australia. There are Visa for completing a language course, Visa for completing the study elementary and secondary education, a Visa for completing vocational course or any training programs, Visa for those who want to pursue their higher education in Australia such as bachelor degree or college degree courses, and a Visa for graduate study such as Masters in research and Doctoral degrees. You can choose among those Visa programs which suited for your pursuing educational programs. Not only that, while studying in Australia, you were able to travel in some beautiful places in every regions of the country. Or by securing holiday Visa, you can have part time job in Australia. If you are industrious enough, you can earn more money there because of lot of workplace for you to have part time jobs. When you graduate d a course in certain educational institution in Australia, a brighter future is already in you that keeps your identity as a successful student which is a product of a certain university in Australia. A mark of a world class standard of quality education that gave to you by the university in Australia. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Students to Attend Schooling with School Sector Visa
(no pictures)School Sector Visa can be availed of by students wanting to complete their primary and secondary schooling. National Visas, the premier visa assistance company assists in the possessing of School Sector Visa. Students can study in Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia with the School Sector Visa. Known to house the most reputed schools in the world, international students seeks to get a taste of Australian Education. Students interested to pursue their primary and secondary education has to comply with the requirements to be granted for a visa. The two major requirements has to coincide with each other. First, the student must select a school and a course/ level in the institution and second, the study must be full time. The visa grant assessment falls into to main factors, the passport nationality and the type of visa the applicant is applying for. The assessment levels range between 1 to five. The lower the level, the lesser documents required. The validity of the Temporary Visa is indicated on the visa itself. Once the student completes the course, he is required to leave the country on the date indicated. Though, this does not stop the applicant to apply for a temporary Visa or even Permanent Residence before the visa expires. Temporary Visa holders are required to conditional requirements. The student has to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover or the OSHC for the entire duration of his stay. The fee must be paid before the visa can be issued. It is renewable every year. . However, most of the time the Australian Education Institution organizes the health cover on the student's interest. Immigrant parents or those holding a permanent residency will be benefited with the School Sector Visa. They can petition or request that their children living abroad can stay with them and study at the place at the same time. For more information regarding School Sector Visa, contact, National Visas, Suite 3, 118 Church St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia or visit, About National Visas: National Visas is committed to give high quality service in the immigration industry. The company leads in the world online immigration services. It assists applicants with concerns in visa processing and delivers a fast, expert and amiable immigration advice. National Visas is a private, independent company and not part of the Australian Department of Immigration. No authority is given to grant a visa but they assist and advice people who want to travel and migrate in Australia. It is a registered provider of immigration advice as required by Australian law. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Get on to the Right Immigration Company
(no pictures)Applying for an immigration status is not that simple like what some people thinks of. Visa application is very arduous, and choosing the right application is critical. Since there are one hundred fifty subclasses of visas in over eighty classes, to know and select which is the best needs an expert knowledge. It is best to have an expert determine which sub class is suitable or fitted. There are options and issues attached to each visa application, designing and planning the best strategy helps reach the desired outcome. Well established immigration companies have handled various number of applications, they are exposed to it more than the newbie companies. With this, they advise the applicants with possible dangers and opportunities they may not be aware of, a missing part in the newbie companies. Knowing that application is in the same hand is one advantage of choosing the right immigration company. A person doesn't want to be screwed with a fake immigration company. It is annoying to deal with someone who just dig for gold yet leave you behind like a quacking duckling. Choosing the right immigration company from day one will minimize human error and save one from possible danger of being caught up with fake agents. Employees of top immigration companies are themselves experts and have experiences as economic migrants. They are the best people to deal with and are highly qualified and accredited. Each agent employed has a specific designation. Aside from getting a first hand advice from experts, right immigration companies have greater certainty of outcome. Since they are well established in the society, they are likely to be more reliable and trusted to deal with. This results to a more positive outcome in the process. The great thing of choosing the right immigration companies in Australia is the chance to have a connection with the jobs and everything possible before landing to the place. Immigration agents have tie ups with big job search companies who at the same time give the applicant options to choose. Since established Australian Immigration are more trusted by the authority, it creates an aura of reliability. Australian visas are conveniently processed . Choosing the right immigration in Australia is a must. If not chosen well, it all makes the effort go down the drain and the hope of Australian migration will just be another mirage. It is best that before applying, a little research would be great to check out the immigration service the Australian immigration company can give. This make immigration to Australia worthwhile. A right Australian Immigration Company is someone who provide more than just a means to getting a stamp in the passport. In immigration getting the right immigration company is one of the most fundamental parts of preparation. Even in relocation to another country to start a new life choosing the right immigration consultancy is essential. Whether you’re immigrating to Australia, relocating to the UK or setting up to live and work in the USA, the need to know that having the the right team is at your side. With the right immigration company applicants are kept in the driving seat. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
English Language Course to Raise Number of Foreign Students
(no pictures)(Hawthorn, Victoria) Student Visa can be availed of by students wishing to take an English Language Course in Australia. National Visas, the premier visa assistance company has opened the gates for further assistance to applicants willing to take the visa sub class. ELICOS or the English Language Course is for applicants wanting to complete an English Language Course in Australia. Australia, who live with the reputation of having one of the world's leading reputation is one of the most sought after destinations for international students. With the ELICOS, students who are interested to pursue an English Program Course can be granted a student visa. Interested students must comply with the requirements to be granted for a student visa. The requirements must concur with each other. First, there must be a selection of a registered course by an Australian Education Institution and second, the course must be full time. The assessment of the visa grant falls into to main factors, the passport nationality and the type of visa the applicant is applying for. The assessment levels range between 1 to five. The higher the assessment level, the more documents the applicant has to procure. The validity of the Temporary Visa is valid on its face. Once the student completes the course, he is required to leave Australia on the date indicated in the visa. However, this does not preclude the applicant to apply for a temporary Visa or even Permanent Residence before the visa expires. Holders of the Visa are conditioned to certain requirements. As a holder of a temporary visa, he is to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover or the OSHC for the entire duration of his stay. The fee must be settled before the visa can be issued an is renewable every year. Though, most of the time the Australian Education Institution organizes the health cover on the student's interest. With the influx of foreign students seeking an avenue to learn English as a second language, the student visa is expected to raise the number of student applicant. For more information regarding Student Visa for English Language Course , contact, National Visas, Suite 3, 118 Church St., Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia or visit, Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Expanding Business to a New Horizon
(no pictures)Australian migration is not exclusive for people wishing to be reunited with their family, students who decided to stay for good and traveler's who chose to stay for a lifetime. With the program of Australian business skills migration, business oriented individual are encouraged to launch successful business and settle permanently in Australia. This is a strategy to enhance and open the market globally with a fair and equitable practice. A total manifestation of an egalitarian practice. Exactly with this type of process, businessmen will expand their horizons to a wider and more competitive market. Although there several options designed for migration, each option is in exact relevance suited to the experience and availability of the applicant. March 2003 marked the introduction of two relevant stages for arrangement. First, the successful business immigrant has to arrange a Business Skills Visa . This is provisional which last for four years . As soon as the business is at its peak, the applicant can apply for a Business Skills (residence )Visa, if he has established the required requisite level. For a Business talent Visa, this can be available for certain business migrants sponsored by the State governments. This is in a direct permanent visa category. The application is eligible for a Business Skills Visa who falls squarely on four qualified individuals; the business owner, the senior executive, the investor, and the business talent. Business owners can be the sole owner or a part time owner of the business. Either of the two are eligible for application of the visa. The senior executive as well is entitled for visa application, they are regarded as the senior executive employees of major businesses. Even investors or business people willing to invest in Australia can be granted for a visa. Lastly , business talents or high caliber business people who are to be sponsored by the State is qualified. The three main Business Visa categories in Australia are Business owners, Senior Executive and the Investors. The core of Australia's Business Skill Visa is to develop international market. This benefits a International businessmen would be interested to invest in Australia thus creating and maintaining employment in the country, which is another advantage. Aside from opening the ports for international market, the transfer of capital and investment will take place. In addition, new and improved technology will be introduced to the country, thus adding additional activities and competitiveness to the market shore , boosting the economy. The Business Skills Visa works in a reciprocal advantage rather than a unilateral one. Both the business investing and Australia will get loads of benefit from the process. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
Over 180,000 students from different countries look forward for an Australian Education.
(no pictures)They flock the country with an expectancy to get the best education from a reputed first-class education provider. Each with armed plans to pursue internationally acclaimed courses in a progressive, dynamic and conducive learning environment. Aside from being a nice place to get a first class education, it is a great place to live. The place has a reputation of being one of the most amiable countries in the world, which is at the same time, safe, fresh, clean and has a low crime rate. Australian lifestyle is also one of the best in the world. prawled cities are rated as the most sought after places to live. Looking at the cost of living, research found that the country appears with cities Melbourne and Sydney to be numbers 15th and 36th of the most expensive cities to live. London is ranked 3rd while new York is in number 22. The economy is strong with low employment rate. This implies that international students who wish to work won't be having problems landing for one. Most Australian educational institutions give liberty to students to do independent learning. The approach is more flexible honing up the character of being responsible in meeting the necessary requirements demanded by the course. For some students who fail to meet the deadline of submissions, they won't be bothered being chase after for late requirements. The method of learning is a mixture of tutorial, laboratory and practical sessions. This method has lesser contact hours and invites an avenue for a more self-directed task. Students will be trained to work independently with minimal supervision. However, for tutorial discussion, they experience a more active and vocal interaction. The casual and relaxed attitude of studying does not imply playing hooky and being irresponsible. The method is purposely to develop a well trained independent learner. Inside the rooms, students call their teachers and lecturers not by titles instead by their first names. Since Australians look after themselves as an “egalitarian nation”, it means everybody is in equal footing. No one is treated with a special attention. International students having trouble during the transition period have lots of ways to seek help. Universities and educational institutions have international student offices where counselors can help directly in learning to cope. Seminars and special lectures are help to help improve conversational English as well as other related academic subject areas. To avail an application to study in Australia, it can be made directly to the school the student intends to study or through and agent or counselor in the student's country. Every institution has its own unique set of requirements for application depending on the courses of study. Education adviser can assist with enrollment and visa application. List of the sets of requirements can be obtained from Education Centers or the Australian Embassy. The process of application should begin about twelve months before the intended enrollment. Students who are waiting for results from final examinations are given provisional acceptance which is base on the student's past scholastic performance. These details should be supplied when applying for admission to an institution: A detailed account of previous study in full, attached with copies of qualifications already awarded. An evidence of an English language proficiency. (that is, appropriate IELTS score or as accepted by the institution) An evidence of sufficient funds to cover all costs in line with the period of study The application forms and supporting documents are given to either a local agent or directly to school. Once the application is accepted, the enrolling institution will send a letter offering a place in the chosen field and requesting a partial payment of the tuition fee and health insurance. Once these are settled, the school will issue a Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE). This evidence the qualification for applying for a student visa. Myrthle Robillos - National Visas ---

Contributed by: amerie
The Edge of Having a Visa Advantage Service
(no pictures)More and more people flock Australia to visit its famous natural beauty and some to stay for good. Alongside every attempt to step on Australian territory are strict compliance to standard requirements.

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Aussies find love in global market
(no pictures)TENS of thousands of Aussies are finding love overseas each year and bringing their partners home, new figures show. The Immigration Department issued about 40,000 spouse visas last year, up 7000 on 2004-05. The size of the intake is staggering when it is noted that the total number of marriages conducted in Australia annually is little more than 100,000. The top source country for spouses in 2006-07 was Britain with 5085 visas, down by about 400 on the previous year. Next were China (4124) and India (3095), which recorded big increases on the numbers in 2004-05, according to data obtained by the Herald Sun. The spouse intake, which rose by 4000 during the last year, comprises about 80 per cent of family migration. Like so many others, Indian migrant Arun Bopaiah, 32, returned to his homeland two years ago and married Divya. Mr Bopaiah, a technician who lives in Keysborough, said it was important to find a partner from India. "I'm born and brought up in India. I had no one here," he said. "My parents live in India. It's good to have all the families together when you get married. That's the reason we go back to India." Mr Bopaiah said his wife, an electronic engineer, came to Australia in January and now works in research and development. A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said the increase in partner visas was driven by demand from young, skilled professionals who found love while they were travelling or working overseas. "This is perhaps a result of the affordability of airfares and in the increased opportunities to work in regional offices overseas," she said. "We know that many of the spouses/partners are also skilled." But Monash University demographer Bob Birrell said this explanation mainly applied to spouses from countries like Britain. Dr Birrell said most of the growth in partner visas came from developed nations where the urge to migrate was strong. "There is enormous pressure to get out of countries like China and India," he said. "Young people of marriagable age are going back to their country of origin and getting the pick of the crop." The total migrant intake for 2007-08 is expected to reach 166,000, the highest figure since the huge migration waves of the late 1960s. It will include 102,500 skilled arrivals, 50,000 family reunion and 13,000 humanitarian. - John Masanauskas, Herald Sun Visa for Australia and Australia Visa Application made easy! Australian Working Visa made possible to easily have one! Visit Australia Immigration at ---

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Capping of Contributory Parent category visas
(no pictures)The Department of Immigration and Citizenship today announced the capping of a series of Contributory Parent visa categories in light of continued high demand for these visas. Caps are determined by the minister and used to ensure that the planning levels for various components of the migration program are not exceeded. The numbers for particular subclasses were determined by the relative demand for each visa subclass as a proportion of the total planning level. Once a specified visa class cap is reached, no more visas can be granted for the remainder of the migration program year, which in this case is the end of June 2008. It is important to note the capping power does not affect visa grants for applicants who have previously been granted a temporaryContributory Parent visa and who are now applicants for the corresponding permanent Contributory Parent visa. The total planning level for Contributory Parent visas for 2007-08 is 3500. The visa subclasses and the new caps are as follows: Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) (Class UU(T)) (Subclass 884): 29 Contributory Aged Parent (Class DG (P)) (Subclass 864): 300 Contributory Parent (Temporary) (Class UT (T)) (Subclass 173): 650 Offshore Subclass 143 – Contributory Parent (Class CA (P)): 2521 Source - Visa for Australia and Australia Visa Application made easy! Australian Working Visa made possible to easily have one! Visit Australia Immigration at ---

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Roo visits dede in Melbourne

After two years it was time for Netcell's two looniest Aussies to meet up. All I can say is - one doesn't just meet dede - one experiences her!

Contributed by: aussie

What an amazing place to visit. Koalas, kangaroos and surfers, what more could you ask for?

Contributed by: kioshi
Our Southern Coastal Trip

The rugged coastline of south eastern South Australia and western Victoria culminating in the sights from the world-famous Great Ocean Road.

Contributed by: aussie
Land Down Under

I went to Australia to see a kangaroo, and saw koalas, seals, birds of all kinds, and a roo or two, or three

Contributed by: vicki1
Kangaroo Island, August 2003

Many kinds of Australian animals live on Kangaroo Island, but would we see the elusive platypus?

Contributed by: aussie